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Wonder Festival 2020 - Winter

Updated: Feb 24, 2020

Wonder Festival 2020 [Winter] takes place on Sunday the 9th of February at Makuhari Messe.

The first of the big conventions of the year, Wonder Festival is an overload of the Otaku senses! Many participate in the WonFest bingo which you can download an app for online, it's quite fun actually! In the weeks leading up to the event, we tend to post our bingo sheets and see what others in the community would like to see announced.

News started rolling in very quickly as soon as the show opened, and there was surprisingly a lot of Bishoujo updates which you can see below!


Sunset Shimmer with a TBC release date. Many were wondering if Kotobukiya would be continuing the pony line after the final of the Mane Six were released, and they are!

Mera will be with us in 2021! A much requested Bishoujo, many of the community are excited to see the art for this character!

Black Cat version 2 due to release in December 2020! After being released in 2011, this is a massive improvement on the original statue, a must have for Black Cat fans and for those who missed out on the first version.

Apple Jack painted prototype has finally been revealed! The final statue in the Mane Six line, she looks fantastic on display with the rest of the ponies. You can see the video below!

Pennywise printed prototype. Many were eager to see her printed, after it was announced she was on display at Tokyo Comic Con 2019, but no photos. So finally the wait is over!

It was announced both Leatherface statues will come with an additional masked face part to display on the statue if it is something you would like. No further details on this yet but stay tuned!

Leatherface printed prototype was on display at the booth, it's left many of us wondering what the back of this statue looks like!

Two new version of Baroness and Scarlett revealed. Baroness in her blue outfit for the 25th anniversary and a sky blue version of Scarlett. No details on when these will be up to order or how to get them as yet.

Booth Images Slideshows

Below you can find images from the booth itself, the image creditors are also tagged above the slideshow.

Image credit to amiamihobbynews via Twitter

Image Credit to Dengeki Hobby Web via Twitter.

Booth Videos

Always good to get a better look at some upcoming Bishoujo, you can find some videos below of them from the event!

My favorite Japanese content creator 808 IMPZ always puts out amazing videos from conventions, limited timed events and product displays in Japan! They always give you a clear idea of what you are expecting to get on release, even if you aren't lucky enough to be able to see them in person prior to release!

What did you think of the announcements from the show? Let us know! You can join the discussion via the link provided below.

Join in with our community for all the latest news and discussion! You can find us via one of the following links:

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