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Wonder Festival 2019 [Winter]

The first convention of the year in the toy hobby came to a close at 17:00 in Japan on the 10th of February.

For many collectors, this is one of the big highlights of the year, as many producers get together and the internet proceeds to flood with either fantastic news, or the dread of another empty bank account as you spend it on all those sweet collectibles!

For Bishoujo collectors, the updates came in thick and fast!

1 - Catwoman Returns!

An unpainted prototype was unveiled at the end of 2018, and eager fans were looking forward to seeing a painted version. The result was this stunning piece!

Catwoman Returns

2 - Domino

Next up is Domino, Kotobukiya's first Marvel piece since 2017! A sneaky booth picture was taken at the end of 2018, so it was a rather poor image and didn't give us a good idea of what we were getting. So far she is now shown in unpainted prototype, and at the show she had minimal paint applied to her eye.


3 - Twilight Sparkle

At NYCC we were shown an unpainted prototype for Twilight Sparkle, so we were lucky enough to see a painted version this time! I can honestly say that this line is getting better and better with each piece!

Twilight Sparkle

4 - Sakura V2

First announced on the illustration for Karin at SDCC 2018, and a silhouette at NYCC 2018. We are now shown a full illustration for Sakura!

Sakura V2

5 - The Mane Six

A final surprise was the full illustration of the "Mane Six" from My Little Pony. Giving collectors an idea of what to see in the near future!

My Little Pony's Mane Six

Next convention in the collector calendar is New York Toy Fair which kicks off on the 16th of February. We will of course cover any updates that come through.

- Kim

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