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Sunset Shimmer

Updated: Jan 10

The silhouette for Sunset Shimmer was originally revealed at Wonder Festival [Winter] 2020. Many collectors were wondering if the My Little Pony line would continue past the release of the Mane Six, and they got their answer!

The art was revealed back in May of 2020 and we eventually saw a prototype and paint master at the Kotobukiya EXPO event at the end of August 2020.

Pre-orders for Sunset Shimmer went live as of the 29th of September 2020. She is due to release in Japan in March 2021 and North America by April 2021.

You can find a slideshow gallery with more images of this piece below, as well as placed to pre-order that are recommended by our community!

Slideshow Gallery

Kotobukiya Store links;

JP: https://bit.ly/2HGrhqQ

US: https://bit.ly/34bRMw1

Stores Recommended by our community;

AmiAmi: https://bit.ly/33e2IKi

Hobby Search: https://bit.ly/2G2dnPs

Hobby Link Japan: https://bit.ly/34bSYzv

Big in Japan: https://bit.ly/3cFxApT

Solaris Japan: https://bit.ly/3n1eHCy

Big Bad Toy Store: https://bit.ly/3cEWA0G

BAIT: https://bit.ly/30n9w6n

Entertainment Earth: https://bit.ly/34bpDFk

Sideshow Collectibles: https://bit.ly/33ontmv

Product Information;

Pre-painted Complete Figure

Scale: 1/7

Size: Approx. H215mm (including base)

Material: PVC

Sculptor: BISHOUJO by Tsubame and Pony sculpt by Kotobukiya

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