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Scarlett Production Insight!

" 【Yoooo Joe!】 Over the next five weeks we’re going to gradually reveal some special behind the scenes content of our new Scarlett G.I. JOE BISHOUJO statue! Keep an eye out for posts with the heading【Yoooo Joe!】! #Hasbro #KOTOBUKIYAxGIJOE "

I don't know if you have noticed, but Kotobukiya over the past few weeks has been giving us insight into the product of Scarlett - and we're loving it!

Here is a round up of the images we have been shown so far!


It's easy to see that they have gone all out on this! I'm absolutely loving the attention to detail, with the header showing the original Scarlett illustration, to the vintage scuff marks. Don't worry folks, these are intentional! It' was announced today that you can even transform the packaging to resemble that of the original G.I. Joe figures!

The Statue

Onto the statue itself, isn't she beautiful?! We learned some interesting facts about how she was made, for example, did you know the hair is constructed as five separated pieces?

The crossbow is a replica of that which came with the original action figure. Whilst it was one single piece, this was actually made up of five parts as well! This was to ensure it gave a lot more detail and a higher quality feel to the statue.

The texture on the suit is amazing, I can't wait to run my fingers over it when we get her in hand!

I'll add more to this when we receive further updates from Kotobukiya!

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