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Pinkie Pie - Limited Edition

Updated: Jan 10, 2022

Kotobukiya announced at the end of June that there will still be a convention exclusive this year, despite the current pandemic. The convention exclusive for 2020 is a Limited Edition Pinkie Pie! Due to release in August 2020 in Japan, and September 2020 in North America. Apologies for the delay in this blog post, as I was only advised recently that this was the exclusive.

This edition sees a change to Pinkie Pies hair, which is now translucent and glittery! You'll also notice that her skin tone now matches the pony on her base and that the base she stands on is also clear in comparison to the solid pink used on the initial release. The packaging for this edition is also different, and comes with a holographic design which you can see from the photos below.

You can also find out where to pre-order this piece through the link below!

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International store list of Kotobukiya retailers;

Product Information;

Pre-painted Complete Figure

Scale: 1/7

Size: Approx. H255mm (including base)

Material: PVC

Sculptor: Ke (comacow) for the Bishoujo and Wataru Orita for the pony.

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