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NYCC 2019

Updated: Oct 4, 2019

Kotobukiya announced on the 19th of September that they would be releasing some new merchandise at NYCC this year in line with the 10th anniversary event!

In collaboration with Kinokuniya New York, they have some cool t-shirts on sale at the event!



Stamp Rally Information!

To celebrate the 10th anniversary for the BISHOUJO series, Kotobukiya and Kinokuniya invites fans to visit both the New York Comic Con (NYCC) booths and Kinokuniya New York Store with a special Stamp Rally! 

Visit all three stores/locations (NYCC Kotobukiya Booth, NYCC Kinokuniya Booth, and Kinokuniya New York) to receive a free DC COMICS BISHOUJO postcard set! The postcard set consists of three postcards, each with a different DC COMICS BISHOUJO character design. 

【What is a Stamp Rally?】 A Stamp Rally is an event popular in Japan where you visit all locations on the specified stamp card to collect stamps/dates. Visit every store/location listed on the stamp card to fill out card completely, then visit the final checkpoint to redeem your prize! 

Update 28th of September

Kotobukiya have advised via Twitter that they have limited stock left of the SDCC White Raven and will be selling it as NYCC. If this is a piece you were looking to add to your collection, then be sure to pop by booth #444!

3rd October, 2019 - Day 1 of NYCC!

Beetlejuice prototype is on display at the booth this weekend!

Pennywise full illustration will be revealed in a few months!

Lady Jaye's paint mater will be on display at the booth!

Rainbow Dash prototype will be on display at the booth this weekend!

Kotobukiya Live!

Due to the panel being on the live stage, there was a livestream for this one! The panel starts at 8 hours and 25 minutes in. You can skip to this section by clicking on this link:

Booth pictures!

This slideshow contains images of the statues on display at the booth. Thank you to those who gave me permission to post them here!

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