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New York Toy Fair 2019

Toy Fair takes place at the Jacob K Javits Center from the 16-19th of February 2019!

The first of the big North American events of the year! At the 2018 show, two new licenses that were added to the Bishoujo series - My Little Pony and G.I. Joe. After the announcements from Wonder festival, our community is certainly excited to see the latest updates that Kotobukiya has to offer!

1. Mary Shazam!

This was certainly a surprise announcement for us! Especially with the fact it is also paired with a Summer 2019 release! No doubt this is to go on the back of the upcoming Shazam film release.

Mary Marvel

2. Poison Ivy - Version 2

Many of us were hoping for a second version of Ivy! I'm certainly looking forward to seeing the full illustration!

Poison Ivy V2

3. Dark Phoenix

For me, this is one I seriously wanted as a newer edition! And I might have squealed when I saw the image posted! So happy to see some more X-Men characters thrown into the line-up! This is also coming hot on the heels of the Dark Phoenix movie!

Dark Phoenix

4. G.I. Joe Scarlett

Finally the painted prototype makes an appearance! Scarlett was delayed due to licencing, but it is so nice to see the painted reveal. She is certainly looking fantastic! Release date not confirmed as yet but advised that pre-orders are coming soon! The site will of course be updated as soon as preorder information is available.


That was all for the announcements! However there was a number of photos shown from different news outlets of the prototypes on display. A good way to see the pieces is from the NerdNewsToday livestream at the fair, which you can view below.

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