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My Little Pony: Pinkie Pie - Details so far

Updated: Nov 8, 2019

This month we will see the first release from the MLP series - Pinkie Pie!

First announced at Toy Fair 2018, the line came as a big surprise to collectors. Whilst completely unexpected, it has come to grow on a lot of collectors who were not interested initially.

A huge difference from the usual statues released from this line, the ponies are super colourful and cheery. Another difference is they have a pony companion piece which can be seen on the images below.

FYI - These Ponies in recent images don't appear to be screwed into the base, meaning they can be displayed separately!

Unpainted V Painted Prototype

True to the nature of the character, Pinkie Pie is bursting with energy and depicted as laughing - which is the element that she represents! She is super KAWAII!

Packaging Update

Recently posted by Monster Japan on Twitter was Pinkie's packaging, this just absolutely screams My Little Pony and is very reminiscent of the old packaging from the 80s/90s Pony figures.

Product Information

Type: PVC, ABS

Scale: 1/7

Size: around 22.5cm

Sculptor: ke(comaccow), Wataru Orita

You can find a wonderfully detailed blog by Kikakuguy on the Kotobukiya website in both English and in Japanese.

Be sure to order her from Kotobukiya, or your local collectible retailer! Next Pony will be Twilight Sparkle!

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