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On the 19th of December, Kotobukiya aired their Winter expo for 2020 with news on soon to be released products, and also some new announcements!

The event was hosted by the lovely Reina, who we have had a Q&A with in the past.

Product Updates;

Princess Luna

The previously announced Princess Luna statue that was announced at their Summer Expo now has a printed prototype reveal! The pony itself is given a more mature look in comparison to the Mane Six characters. Reina advised in the stream that the paint is being worked on and further updates were coming soon!

Princess Celestia

A sneak peak of the printed prototype for Celestia was also shown, however her pony form is still being worked on.

Poison Ivy Returns [Limited Edition]

A limited edition colour variant of the version of Ivy that was released earlier in 2020 will be released next year! Pre-orders have started going up as of the 21st of December, and we should have a separate blog post up about this soon on this website.

It will be a Diamond PX Exclusive in the US and will be available through your local retailer. This will not have another production, once it's gone, it's gone! Only 1500 available through US retailers.

Whilst I didn't stay up till 2am my time to watch the show, I did get a chance to watch it again on YouTube when I was up the next morning. Overall, it was a lot better than the summer event in terms of quality and I love how the team bring on other employees in the company to discuss updates. It brings a wholesome touch to the event and also allows collectors to meet the people behind their favourite series!

Kotobukiya, I really hope you keep these up!

Live Stream

The video link below will take you directly to the BISHOUJO segment of the expo.

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