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Usually at this time of year, Kotobukiya will be preparing for their run of convention appearances! However due to the current pandemic, it has resulted in a lot of companies looking at alternatives on how to present their convention news that we are so used to seeing on a yearly basis.

So this year, Kotobukiya is doing two online events, one on the 23rd and the other on the 30th of August.

The panel involving the BISHOUJO line is taking place on the 23rd of August at 18:00-19:00 PDT and hosted by Jacki Jing.


Sunset Shimmer paint master was revealed and she is due for release in Spring of 2021.

A Limited Edition version of Twilight Sparkle is coming soon. Following on from the convention exclusive Pinkie Pie, Twilight Sparkle has a jelly like colouring to her hair, and a lot of glitter!

Princess Luna and Princess Celestia were also announced and coming soon to the MLP line!

We were also treated to some concept art for the upcoming Princesses and we were talked through the design process by Shogun, the BISHOUJO line producer. It was really interesting to see the work behind the final designs, and their reasoning for picking the elements that they use behind the ponies designs. You can view the concept art through the slideshow below.

The physical products for these two are still in the design stages, but we were treated to a sneak peak of what they have so far for Princess Luna.

The Mera paint master was also shown on the stream! A much sought after character to the BISHOUJO line, we were advised pre-orders should be coming soon.

The next girl in the DC line is none other than Stargirl, coming Summer 2021! Whilst we were only shown a silhoutte on stream, you can see a sneak sculpt preview on the round up image below.

Overall, it was a really good stream and it was great to see Shogun joining in and letting us know about the behind the scenes design process. They very much stuck to the lines mentioned on the ads for the online event, so I might have to stay up next Sunday to see if there is any announcements for the Marvel line! If so, I will update this blog post.


You can view the whole stream via the link below.

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