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Kotobukiya Collection ONLINE 2023 [Winter]

The Kotobukiya Collection ONLINE 2023 [Winter] Event took place online and in person this year on the 4th of February!

Whilst there wasn't much in the way of BISHOUJO news for us this time around, there was a chance to see some of the upcoming releases in person at the show.

We were given a heads up a few months ago that a new series for the BISHOUJO line was going to be announced, which left many of us wanting to know what it could be.

New Series Announcement: Star Trek Universe

The first statue revealed for this series is a Vulcan Science Officer. It hasn't been specified as yet whether they are based off of existing Star Trek characters, so I'm sure we will find out later on down the line.

Full details for the event can be found on the special site


Event Photos


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