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Kotobukiya Collection ONLINE 2022 [Summer]

Kotobukiya announced their next Collection ONLINE event on the 11th of July, confirming that it will be done over two days - the 16th and 18th of July.

From the information on their event page, it looks like all figure updates will take place on the 18th, with their model event taking place on the 16th of July.

DISCLAIMER: I do not own any of the content in this blog, I'm only putting it here for reference purposes.


There was only one BISHOUJO announcement this time around, and it's probably because another event is only 4 days away! We'll be covering that in a separate blog post.

The paint master for Terry Bogard from SNK's Tag Team Frenzy line was revealed! She is due to be released during Spring of 2023, we'll update when a release month is confirmed.

Product Planner's Voice

(this section is translated from Japanese)

Q. Why did you make this pose?

At first, I was thinking about power gazer and power charge, which are one of her (his) techniques, but I stopped because my face became hard to see, and this time I made a post that made use of his trademark hat. I started to recall what I wanted to do. This pose has also emerged as one of Terry's winning poses on the XV, and I think it has become a cheerful, cheerful and slightly challenging personality in the face of this unexpected event. It's also worth noting that in the KOF series, the hat that says "Fatal Fury" is now "Fatal Cutie."

Q. Where did you have a hard time?

Mr Keiki Fujimoto, the prototype mater, adjusted the standing figure until the very end. I was able to pursue the coolness of the pose that cuts off the sharpness, so I think that the pose was perfect from any direction. In addition, although it is a beautiful girls series, the taste that makes you feel muscular and rugged physique before transformation remains everywhere, and you are blending realism and cuteness in just the right way.

Q. Please tell us as far as you can understand the future development.

Thank you very much for your great popularity of the first Mai Shiranui. This has decided to continue the series. The third installment will continue from the KOF'98 series to the psychic high school girl idol "Athena Asamiya" and the fourth installment. We look forward to your continued support. We are also looking forward to your request.


The next event we will cover on this blog is SDCC 2022! So stay tuned!

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