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Kotobukiya Collection ONLINE 2021 [Winter]

It was announced on the 5th of February that Kotobukiya would be doing another live stream to show off their products! However, this one will be running for nine hours! Whilst the event was mostly model kit based, there was a segment put aside for figures.

We did however get some information prior to the event that there would be TWO new lines added to the BISHOUJO series, and that they will both be video game related.

We were also advised that a new Marvel piece was being announced, and that it was a mutant that we had seen previously in the line.


SHOGUN took over Kotokore-Chan to talk to everyone about the upcoming BISHOUJO pieces!

Princess Luna painted prototype

Princess Celestia printed prototype

Side by side of the two Princesses

New to the G.I. Joe line is Dawn Moreno!

Laura Kinney Wolverine is the next Marvel piece!

And last but not least, the two series announcements are....


Three characters from CAPCOM’s iconic Darkstalkers series will be joining our BISHOUJO lineup! First up is Morrigan! Next in the lineup is Felicia and one more mystery character.


An SNK BISHOUJO series is now in the works! Characters from "The King of Fighters '98" and "SNK HEROINES Tag Team Frenzy" will be joining the BISHOUJO STATUE lineup.

Feel free to join us on any of the links below to discuss today's announcements!


I've placed made it so the video will play from the BISHOUJO segment of the livestream.

Event page: Kotobukiya Collection ONLINE 2021 [Winter]

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