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Kotobukiya Collection EXTRA

During May 2022, Kotobukiya ran an additional online collection showcase to provide us with additional figure and model announcements. However, the part of the event we will be focusing on is obviously the BISHOUJO segment which took place on the 22nd of May.

You can view their event site here:

Now onto the updates!


DC Comics

Following on from Kotobukiya Collection ONLINE [Winter 2022] announcements, we've been given a look at the artwork reveal for upcoming Barbara Gordon BISHOUJO. This version is based on her costume as worn in the Burnside series for Batgirl.

This will be the second time we'll be seeing Barbara in the BISHOUJO line, with her last statue being available in 2015. However this time with a new and more modern outfit! I don't know about you, but I'm certainly looking to see the sculpt, as I was waiting for a newer version to add to my own collection.


Marvel Comics

A much requested re-issue within our community! Kotobukiya announced second editions of the Lady Thor and Loki statues that were released back in late 2016 and early 2017. With Thor: Love and Thunder due to release in July 2022 - I couldn't think of an ideal timing for these to get a second edition!

"They feature new package design, with partially updated coloring from their initial release in 2016. Please stay tuned for more information!"

Honestly, if you get the chance to pre-order them then do! They are fabulous editions to anyone's collections.



Another update from the Kotobukiya Collection ONLINE [Winter 2022] announcements is a sculpt prototype for Megatron!

Both prototypes are looking amazing so far, I'm certainly looking to see how they will look when they are coloured. Stay tuned for updates on our site when pre-orders go live!


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