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Identifying Bootleg Bishoujo

Updated: May 10, 2021

Unfortunately in this day and age, fake merchandise is extremely common. This in turn trips up many a new collectors, something that we hope to help with.

In the collector world, fakes are often described as "bootlegs" or "recasts". But what you are really here to find out about, is how do I spot these pieces?

1. Packaging

On first impressions, you see the product packaging. On any Kotobukiya products, you will see their logo on the front of the package. Commonly, you will find on non licensed pieces that the brand logo is missing. This should be your first major hint!

(Packaging Slideshow)

2. Price

As collectors, we are always looking to find the items we want for a decent price. If you manage to grab a bargain it's always an awesome feeling! Sadly this is often a very high indicator that it is a bootleg.

Our overall rule is, if the price is too good to be true, it is very likely to be a fake! Another tip is low cost and being shipped from China or Singapore.

3. Product Quality

These ones are a dead giveaway! Be sure to cross check official product photos against the photos you see online. If it doesn't look right at all, don't buy it! If you are ever unsure if you have received a bootleg or not, we were previously advised by Kotobukiya to contact them at

However, please understand that they cannot provide you with an official product as a replacement for the counterfeit.

(Statue slideshow)

List of bootlegs that we are aware of:

  • Lady Deadpool

  • Psylocke V2

  • Chun Li Battle Costume

  • Supergirl Returns

  • Spider Gwen

  • Harley New 52

  • X-23

  • Spider-Woman

  • Tiffany

  • Chucky

  • Freddy Kruger

  • Jason Vorhees

  • Street Fighter Alpha Cammy

  • Michael Myers

  • Domino

  • Pinkie Pie

  • Dark Phoenix (Rebirth)

  • Twilight Sparkle

  • Pennywise

We aim to keep on top of this list and ensure collectors are aware of certain statues being a problem. Any known bootlegs that aren't on this list then feel free to update us via our Facebook group or contact me via the form on the website.

Update March 2019

One of our community members unfortunately received a bootleg after making a purchase on eBay. The surprising thing about this, is that the packaging had the Kotobukiya Logo! This is a first for us and is also extremely worrying.

We'd highly recommend that you do NOT purchase any low priced Bishoujo through eBay, as it is not possible to confirm the authenticity of your purchase beforehand. I would also recommend buying from reputable retailers who are known to stock these products.

Update July 2019

A first for us, Domino bootlegs were found for sale on eBay and AliExpress prior to the release of the official product. Images can be shown above, and it is clear as day that these are fake.

If you are ever unsure of a statue that you are looking to order is real or not, feel free to message us via the website, or reach out to the community on Facebook. Those of you on Instagram do DM us!

Update December 2019

One of our collectors found a listing for a very cheap Pinkie Pie from a seller in China on eBay, who specifically states in their listing that it is a copy and not the real product. However, they use photos taken by people who have the authentic product in their listing.

We recommend joining our Facebook group to view all these images.

Join in with our community for all the latest news and discussion! You can find us via one of the following links:

Facebook page:

Facebook group:


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