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Closure of the Kotobukiya BISHOUJO Collectors website

Hi all,

I've had this website running for a few years now, and due to life getting in the way and also the cost of running this thing no longer being feasible. It is with a somewhat heavy heart that I have decided that I will not be renewing my domain when it is up at the start of 2024.

I'd like to first and foremost, thank all of you who have used this website as a resource for BISHOUJO related news. The BISHOUJO line has been something that I've been extremely passionate about since I got my first statue in 2013, and I love sharing the news on upcoming releases and from events with you all.

As I go into more detail below, I will continue to share news from events on other platforms, just no longer on this site. All blog posts regarding figure releases, conventions and Kotobukiya's online events have been removed.

What will happen to the bootleg guide?

I wanted to make this website for those who don't use social media to keep on top of the news, and I'm glad my reviewed bootleg guide has helped many with their decision on whether to buy a figure from a local store or on the aftermarket.

With that in mind, I've decided that I will leave that particular guide open and do plan to keep it updated as often as I can (hopefully not too often as we don't like hearing of new bootlegs). You can continue to view the Identifying Bootleg BISHOUJO blog here.

I'll likely still get e-mails on this website anyways, so if anyone who isn't on Instagram/Facebook needs to check if their product is a bootleg, feel free to drop an e-mail.

What about your other platforms?

There is no need to worry, I will of course keep the Instagram and Facebook group/page open for regular users, that won't be going anywhere! I'll still be sharing the news, but I'll be doing that without having to pay through the nose for a domain that I rarely update or know how to.

I'm hoping at some point to maybe find an alternative platform to update, so if anyone else has anything in mind do let me know either by reaching out via Instagram DM or to the Facebook page.

I'd open a Twitter for it, but that seems to be a bit unstable at the moment due to recent events.

Please keep in mind that this is purely fan run and not officially run by Kotobukiya. If you need to find the official website you can do so here:

Thank you for much for your support on this site over the last few years, and I wish you all well for the future!

Best wishes,



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