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Anime Expo 2023

Updated: Jul 5

Kotobukiya were in attendance at Anime Expo 2023 at booth #4200 for the entirety of the event. With a panel running on the 2nd of July with the latest figure news!

They had several exclusives available at the event, with not one but two BISHOUJO statues!

A player two colourway of Morrigan, so she matches nicely with Lilith. And a re-sculpt of the Optimus Prime BISHOUJO to turn them into Nemesis Prime! It has also been confirmed that limited quantities of these two statues will be available at SDCC 2023.

For those who are hoping for an opportunity to order online, Kotobukiya has advised that information on how to do this will be available at a later date.

Attendees who visited the booths at certain times of day during the event were able to pick up these neat collector trading cards of Nemesis Prime and Megatron.



The first announcement of the weekend was a confirmation of the second statue in the recently announced Witcher line. Ciri has been confirmed as in development, so hopefully we see a sculpt in the next few months!

As of yet no confirmation of a third entry to the series.

Next up was confirmation of the Transformers line with news that the next in this series would be Starscream. Again, it was confirmation that the statue was currently in development, but we were given a look at the art for the character.

And last but not least, Horror fans were finally given the news they had been waiting for! Sadako from the Japanese horror series "The Ring" will be the next character to join the line.

Confirmation that this statue was also currently in development, we've been asked to stay tuned to see how this character is reimagined!


Booth photos/videos

Video is marked to start at the Kotobukiya booth.

Exclusive Edition Morrigan at the Kotobukiya Booth - Credit: AmiAmi_English

Exclusive Edition Nemesis Prime at the Kotobukiya booth - Credit: AmiAmi_English


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