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2019 - A Year in Review!


With 2019 coming to a close, I wanted to take the time to thank all of the collectors in our community who have been with us this year! I might be biased, but you guys are easily the best community around!

Whilst our Facebook group has been around since 2015, this website has only been around for nearly a year. The purpose of this was to be a database for collectors and also to provide information on up and coming statues, as well as where to buy these statues without the fear of getting a bootleg in the post.

I will be paying for another year on this site, as it's something I am quite passionate about and would like to continue in hopes that it helps others who have been in this hobby for awhile and also for the newer collectors!

On that note, I would love to hear your feedback! Is there articles you want to see more of? Perhaps hints and tips? Let me know! You can either drop me an e-mail through the website or contact me via our Facebook page or group. (links will be down the bottom).


This year we saw the releases of the newest lines to the Bishoujo series, My Little Pony and G.I. Joe, as well as the celebration of the 10th anniversary of the line! All the news regarding the 2019 releases as well as convention news can be found documented on our site, so just click here.

There was a nice mixture of releases from all the series that are currently being made, as well as a surprise announcement of re-releases of two of the older Tekken pieces. After a Q&A with Reina Bolanos, the Sales and Marketing Co-ordinator for Kotobukiya, we were told that pre-orders are the key to a line continuing! I know there are a number of Tekken collectors out there, and I've got my fingers crossed that the sales of these re-releases will help to continue the line.

We also saw the release of new types of merchandise through NYCC which included t-shirts and collectible cards. To the anniversary event providing wall scrolls, acrylic stands and also badges.

You can view these products in our NYCC blog and our 10th Anniversary blog.

Whilst these aren't available overseas, on in the case of the t-shirts available after the convention. We hope to see more of these items available for sale in the future, as I know there are many who are interested in them.

A post by Shunya Yamashita back in October has sent a rumor mill flying that there might even be a book coming out? No official work on this yet. Whilst I am aware that Kotobukiya have done books for Yamashita san's art in the past, it would be nice to see a Bishoujo focused art book available in the future.

Another surprise was also two statues announce of the same character! Not something we have seen before, but it will definitely be interesting to see which one of the Leatherface statues will be popular to pre-order once the painted sculpts are shown.

Kotobukiya also announced that they are launching their own Bishoujo series website in February of 2020. Whilst no information has been given regarding the content that is being released on it. It will then give me an idea as to whether or not to continue my website post 2021.

Bishoujo of the Year!

We have done this 2 years in a row, so lets do it a third time! The purpose of the Bishoujo of the Year poll is to take the opinion of the community as a whole, and to find out what is your favourite statue released during that year!

This year, we have had a nice mix of statues! And as per last years listing, we are including the SDCC exclusive for 2019. However, I didn't include the re-releases or second editions into the mix.

The nominees for the upcoming vote can be seen in the image below! I will be putting this poll up on Facebook in February, to give those time to receive the last of the 2019 releases and then be able to make an opinion.

Since there is some confusion about this on Facebook, we'll wait until February to do the poll as this gives those who pre-ordered the last 3 releases for 2019 a chance to receive them and make up their mind. So to clarify, these statues are Baroness, Mary Marvel and Fluttershy.

Keep an eye on our Facebook page, group and Instagram for more information when this will go live! I will put the winner at the bottom of this blog once the poll has come to a close.

Goals for 2020

The main aim for this site will continue, to provide information to collectors old and new on upcoming products, where to buy them and also convention news for the year. As always, feedback is greatly appreciated, and if there is anything you would like to see then do let me know.

I'd like to take this time to wish all our collectors a Happy New Year and all the best for 2020!

Join in with our community for all the latest news and discussion! You can find us via one of the following links:

Facebook page:

Facebook group:


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